The Meaningful Work Profile Tool is a world-first approach to measuring the importance an individual places on their work meeting their current personal beliefs, values, goals, expectations, and purpose in the context of their social and cultural environment. 

Uncover what matters to you at work with the Meaningful Work Profile Tool

The Meaningful Work Profile Tool, provides individuals and organisations with an assessment profile, indicating how much value is placed on meaningful work factors.


This measurement can aid both individuals and organisations in attaining and providing meaningful work, improving engagement levels, withdrawal intentions and employee commitment.

Meaningful Work book
Beaumont People's 2023 Meaningful Work Insights Report

Benefiting both individuals and organisations

  • It helps you to learn more about yourself, your workplace values and motivations

    Individuals will be able to use the tool to help in their job search, or internal career discussions to ensure that they are more likely to have work that provides them with meaning.

  • Learn more about the people in your organisation and what matters to them

    Organisations will be able to use the tool to see the ways they are currently providing meaning in their workplace, and identify the areas they may wish to strategically improve.

Go beyond culture to provide meaning in your organisation across the multiple factors influencing meaningful work.

The 4 Factors of Meaningful Work

The Meaningful Work Profile Tool is a world-first in combining both psychological and sociological perspectives, in that it looks at the individual, the job, the organisation and the society and culture in which the work sits.

  • The Individual Factor: Includes interests, abilities, personality traits, motives and goals.

  • The Job Factor: Includes the type, quality of work, quantity of work and job design.

  • The Organisational Factor: Includes leadership, culture, policies and practices, and the social environment.

  • The Societal Factor: The ability of individuals in a specific society to attain meaning in their jobs with access to decent work.




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